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Bellwether Behavioral Health is the premier behavioral treatment provider for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities with the most significant behavioral challenges, which often have:

  • Experienced multiple failed placements

  • Been denied educational and other services due to their extreme behavior

  • Caused significant harm to themselves and others

Overview of What we Provide 

At Bellwether Behavioral Health, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live the most fulfilling, social, and active life possible. With that goal in mind, we focus on ensuring that our individuals gain the functional skills necessary to interact appropriately with others and perform meaningful activities. Bellwether Behavioral Health’s adult programs are designed to assist adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities participate in valued activities that will lead to more active, engaged lives. Our adult programs include vocational training, transitional and supported employment, which are based on each person’s interests and capabilities.

After completion of a thorough, comprehensive skills assessment, our clinical and program staff design a written, individualized habilitation plan (IHP) for each individual. Moreover, clinical and program staff review and revise each IHP annually to ensure that each individual is receiving services and training appropriate to his/her assessed needs and acquired skills.

Our individuals receive full-time, individualized, comprehensive treatment services designed to address their unique behavioral challenges and medical concerns as well as to enable learning of functional skills geared to enhance their daily living.

Our programs operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and offer a broad array of behavioral, medical, educational and habilitative services, including transitional and long-term residential treatment as well as daytime educational and vocational programming.

Our staff provides our adult individuals the necessary supports, including fundamental, meaningful, and therapeutic learning experiences, to facilitate their integration into the community, such as:

  • Assisting individuals to participate in community volunteer opportunities

  • Enhancing individuals’ social communication skills and interactions

  • Teaching individuals in-demand labor skills such as maintenance and grounds keeping

  • Teaching individuals to use and be comfortable with technological resources

  • Assisting individuals in the creation of goods and supply of services that are marketable in the community

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) 

With an intensive focus on applied behavior analysis, education, and the acquisition of functional life skills, individuals are provided customized services and supports designed to enable them to overcome their behavioral challenges, learn necessary adaptive skills, improve their communication and, ultimately lead productive lives within their communities.

Interactive Video Technology 

Our live interactive video system allows clinicians, educators, and administrators to observe and interact with individuals and staff in classrooms, vocational settings and residences. The system allows for real-time video observations and auditory interactions, which, in turn, provide additional clinical and professional resources to staff around the clock. Development and deployment of these technological resources is but one example of our commitment to excellence in the ever-evolving service environment in which we operate.

When significant behavioral and educational success has been realized, individuals are transitioned back to home or less intensive treatment settings in their home communities.

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