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Bellwether Behavioral Health’s year-round residential programs are geared to address all aspects of an individual’s behavioral, medical, educational and habilitative needs. Our various residential arrangements, varying from intensive treatment settings to group homes and promote increasing levels of independence as individuals’ progress through and succeed in our programs.

Bellwether Behavioral Health provides a full continuum of residential supports to meet the needs of adults throughout the treatment process. Our on-site community living specialists are available to assist individuals with personal care, activities of daily living, mobility, functional and social skill enhancement and community inclusion 24/7. Importantly, our services are customized to meet each individual’s unique needs. Our supports are designed to facilitate social inclusion through functional, meaningful and therapeutic learning experiences and activities that focus on successful community living.We provide our individuals frequent access to a variety of community resources and opportunities, including outings to local libraries, parks, recreational centers and other community-based activities.


If you live near an Bellwether Behavioral Health home, you are likely to encounter our individuals eating out at local restaurants, going to the movies, making purchases at retail stores, competing in the Special Olympics, and attending local sporting, musical and artistic events.


When an individual is admitted to one of our programs, we conduct a complete review to determine the clinical service delivery.  This review may determine the need to complete a functional assessment to identify and evaluate the variables that trigger and maintain behavior. We review medical and psychiatric diagnoses which may contribute to the occurrence of behavior problems and have the individual evaluated by medical personnel, as indicated by the review. Information from the assessment is then used to develop an individualized, positive, person-centered, supportive treatment plan for each individual that needs Behavior Supports to optimize those conditions to increase the quality of life by promoting the learning of adaptive skills and appropriate alternative behavior.


All individuals at Bellwether Behavioral Health are assessed for educational, behavioral, and adaptive living domains, and students receive full time special education services on a year round basis. Some students receive a special education curriculum in addition to vocational and other functional objectives addressing adaptive and communication skills as well.


  • All students receive behavior management programming as specified by their individualized education plan (IEP) by qualified staff. This is a formal written program plan; reviewed and revised annually to ensure the individual receives the services required based on his/her assessed needs.

  • The educational program emphasizes standard academics, functional academics and vocational training along with training in interpersonal interactions, strategies for increasing self-control, impulse control and problem solving/conflict resolution strategies.

  • Special educational programming is provided in a highly structured setting and is fully integrated with the residential component of the program to form a consistent and seamless treatment approach.

  • The educational program is tailored to the unique needs of the individuals. For some individuals the emphasis is on making gains in the standard curriculum and completing requirements for graduation. For others, the emphasis is on functional goals such as increasing language skills or skills of daily living.

  • All of our individuals are provided with vocational training and opportunities to participate in community based activities.


Bellwether Behavioral Health’s educational services are in compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and individual state special education regulations and standards. Licensed/certified teachers and staff work with our students in the classroom, residence and the community to ensure continuity of programming and the development of functional and educational skills.

Students receive specialized services in the areas of speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy when, and if, needed.

Bellwether Behavioral Health works in conjunction with parents, guardians, home school districts, and community agencies to develop a comprehensive plan of supports necessary to aid in the student’s future transition to a less restrictive environment.


The Bellwether Behavioral Health Medical Team provides services and support designed specifically to meet the unique needs of our individuals. The team is staffed by professionals with experience and special expertise in working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as behavioral challenges.

The team includes: Supporting Physicians, Nurse Practioners, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Dieticians, Speech & Language Pathologists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists and Behavioral Analysts.

The individuals’ plan of care are customized to meet their clinical and medical needs. If the individual has special medical needs the team will collaborate and coordinate specialty care. Bellwether Behavioral Health is able to provide services for those with the most intense medical care needs in our Behavior Medical programs offered in New Jersey. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality medical programs year round to all of our individuals.

Medical services are provided at all Bellwether Behavioral Health locations.

In Delaware, medical services are primarily provided on-site and include:

  • Annual physical exams conducted by certified family nurse practitioner. Monitoring/oversight to individuals with medical issues such as: hypertension and diabetes

  • On-site phlebotomy services for all clients

  • Psychiatric services­­––evaluations and reviews every 90 days

  • Medical consultation by nurses available via live interactive video system 24/7

  • On call nursing on evenings and weekends in Delaware

  • Transportation to other consulted medical specialist such as: neurologist, endocrinologist and dentist

The New Jersey programs utilize community based care providers offering:

  • Monitoring/oversight to individuals with medical issues such as: hypertension, diabetes

  • Psychiatric services––evaluations and reviews every 90 days

  • Medical consultation by nurses available via live interactive video system 24/7

  • On call nursing on evenings and weekends

  • Transportation to other consulted medical specialist such as:
    neurologist, endocrinologist and dentist

Adult Programs

Everyone should have the opportunity to live the most fulfilling, social and active life possible. To accomplish this, individuals must be able to interact with others and perform meaningful activities. Bellwether Behavioral Health’s adult programs are designed to help those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) participate in valued activities that will lead to more active, engaged lives. Bellwether Behavioral Health provides on-site staff around the clock to assist and support these men and woman whenever needed.


After assessment, an individualized habilitation plan (IHP), is developed, reviewed and revised annually to ensure the individual receives the services required based on his/her assessed needs. There is close interaction and integration among the various disciplines to ensure that all members of the team interact to achieve team goals.The emphasis of the program is to provide a functional curriculum, which focuses on life, work and leisure/recreational skills. For higher functioning individuals, strategies are implemented to help them become as marketable as possible to local employers. Bellwether Behavioral Health provides employment preparation, job assistance and placement for adults that are suited for work life in the community.

For individuals with severe disabilities, the focus is on, functional engagement in the work place, socialization and turn taking skills. Vocational activities such as cooking, vacuuming, cleaning desks and windows, laundry, packaging, and stuffing and stamping envelopes are provided so individuals can work on task-related skills.

Supports are designed to facilitate inclusion in the community through functional, meaningful and therapeutic learning experiences and activities, with a focus on community involvement such as:

  • Assisting individuals to participate in community volunteer opportunities

  • Enhancing individuals’ social communication skills and interactions

  • Teaching individuals in-demand labor skills such as maintenance and grounds keeping

  • Teaching individuals to use and be comfortable with technological resources

  • Assisting individuals in the creation of goods and supply of services that are marketable in the community

Utilization of community integration allows individuals to learn job responsibilities, gain skills and independence working in the community and gives them a chance to succeed.

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